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and mentoring. From the updated support library for our students to extraordinary workshops for the public. We are delighted to expand the breadth of our...

Lindsay Kenny

EFT Founding Master

Pro EFT™ Founder

The reference library is one of the most useful and prized tools we developed for our students. It includes everything from marketing tools to ...

The Coaches + Practitioner's Training and Certification Program starts again in June 2017 and it's sold out! This year we have added some more goodies for our new coaches in training...

As with all our programs, the Coaches + Practitioner's Certification Program tends to fill fast.  We have streamlined the process for our students and use the application...

The students in the 2014 summer Certification class were the first to experience the benefits of working with a mentor in the form of a Pro EFT™ Master and our 2017 group is already taking form...

The Leadership and Development team here

at the Institute is excited to announce more updates for 2017-18 students! From study groups for our students to our weekly blog with our Master Practitioners answering questions

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We are in the midst of a site wide update from 2/11 - 2/28, and are making space for new tapping videos! Please give us a few days on this Tappers. If you have a specific question, please give us a call!


Tap It Away Call

Schedule 2017

We plan this 60 min call each month, and our (weekly) Friday morning newsletter includes the  sign up link. We'd love it if you joined us!

Tapping Tuesday

February 15 Tap It Away: STRESS











Last fall, we sent out a few surveys to our Tappers, and you chose the most important topics facing you in your lives: weight, money, work|life balance,  modern day living, etc.


We heard you!


We are in the filming stage right now (-:  Video links coming soon, and we literally CANNOT WAIT to share them with you!


As provided in California SB 577 (2002) covering complementary and alternative health care practitioners, the following information is provided: "Neither the Pro EFT™ Institute and the programs it offers nor those individuals involved in presenting the programs offered by the Pro EFT™ Institute are licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner."

Tappers, room for more videos!